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iSci Fly By

The regular podcast on science and technology for everyone

Hosted by Keith Pye and Olivia Bray, the iSci Fly By is a laid-back look at an eclectic variety of science and technology topics looking into the medium and long-term future.

It’s a fun fly-by of the critical science and technology issues of our time – from living in space and quantum entanglement to autonomous air taxis and hybrid aircraft.

The list below contains the shows as they have been produced and published.

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They are available through Buzzsprout and therefore also through a wide circle of other podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify, Google, etc. Just click on the links below for the shows you fancy.
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001. Living in Space – Part 1: the future of humanity in the solar system with Mark Hempsell and Stephen Ashworth of the British Interplanetary Society [date published to be provided]

002. Living in Space – Part 2: the future of humanity on the solar system with Stephen Baxter – one of Britain’s most famous science fiction authors. [date published to be provided]

Coming soon …

Up next is a great show featuring NAME TO BE PROVIDED of Company TBC and NAME TO BE PROVIDED of Company TBC talking about the exciting advances in hybrid and electric flight. Flying on electric power is nearer than you think.