What is the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) standard and what is the review all about?

The current ACS Standard has been developed with a wide scope encompassing all aspects of a business. It enables a holistic view of how an organisation meets the needs of security businesses, buyers of security and stakeholders including how it is:

  • being managed and led;
  • providing services to its customers;
  • providing for and managing its staff; and
  • considering the society and environment in which it operates.

The requirements of the ACS Standard are generic and can be applied to all organisations regardless of size and sector.

The achievement level within the ACS Standard is set to validate existing good practice; encourage the development of new practices and discourage poor practice found in some organisations within the industry.

A full review of the SIA’s ACS will take place to ensure the ACS is:

  • fit for purpose;
  • reflects contemporary private security and business management issues;
  • aligns with Home Office policy objectives and and required regulatory outcomes.

What is Pye Tait’s role?

Pye Tait has been commissioned by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) as a delivery partner to carry out this full refreshment of the SIA’s ACS in partnership with the SIA.

Pye Tait is a multi-disciplinary business consultancy providing expert services to the private, public and third sectors.

How can I get involved?

We want to hear from you and there are several ways you can share your views with us.

We want your help with shaping the future of the ACS and with ensuring that we get the very best outcomes. Engagement activities include:

  • Online surveys for security businesses, stakeholders and buyers;
  • In-depth telephone interviews; and
  • Workshops and focus groups

We welcome your support. You can provisionally express an interest to be involved by completing this online form here

What is the timeframe of the review?

The review of the SIA’s ACS will take place over the coming year.

Phase 1: The participation activities as part of this initial review commenced late March 2017 and are scheduled to conclude by mid-August 2017. The findings report from phase 2 will be presented to SIA towards the end of September 2017.

Phase 2: Based on the findings from the Phase 1 consultation, we will develop a revised ACS Standard (September to December 2017).

Phase 3: Will involve market testing the new approach from December 2017 to the end of February 2018.

The revised standard will then be implemented this summer. The transition will be managed to enable businesses to prepare for this change. It is likely that businesses will not be assessed against the new standard until late 2018/early 2019.

I have a question that isn’t answered here, who should I contact?

Please direct any questions about to Pye Tait via email acsreview@pyetait.com or contact Dr Joanne Harvatt (01423 509433).