Who is the survey aimed at?

Who is the survey aimed at?

This survey is aimed at individuals working in local government or place-based organisations who are responsible for the design, procurement and management of the UK’s connected places.

Such organisations may include:

  • Regional and local authorities in the UK
  • Transport authorities and operators (for example: rail, aviation, ports/maritime, roads and bus operators)
  • Health and social care providers
  • Smart utilities providers (for example: waste, water)
  • Property and building management companies
  • Universities / smart campuses
  • Sports and cultural venues

A range of individuals may be involved in the design, build and operation of connected places within your organisation. You may therefore submit a single (coordinated) response on behalf of your organisation; or a response on behalf of your specific department/function, as appropriate. The survey asks you which of these is the case.

The following is intended to be a non-exhaustive illustration of the types of individuals that we would welcome responses from:

  • Connected places (or smart city) or innovation project and strategy leads and officials
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)
  • Head of IT departments / relevant IT personnel
  • Cyber security architects and engineers
  • Commercial and procurement leads and officials
  • All other personnel involved in running the day-to-day operations of connected places infrastructure.