Consultant & Research Roles

New world. New ways of working.

We are looking for additional senior people (OTE £50k to £70k)

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world in many ways, not the least being where and how people work. Pye Tait Consulting is completely flexible as to how and where our senior staff work – we have staff at senior levels working all over the UK and even as far away as the Ukraine.

We have permanently employed and contract staff but we also have self-employed freelance associates. The latter work on a variety of arrangements: some for fixed fees, some for daily or hourly rates, some on a risk basis in return for a share of the project.

What matters to us is whether you have the right experience and capabilities to succeed at our work. How and where you do that is of secondary importance.

The Work

We are looking for senior, experienced people for “task and finish” roles. To bid for and win work, manage the research and production process, liaise with clients, and develop high quality reports and other outputs.

On a permanent basis these roles would be Research Managers and Consultants. For flexible posts and flexible working we are looking at OTE fees of £45k-£55k for the former and £60k to £70k depending on the person and their success.

You can find out more about the two job roles below but the most important thing is that we have no preference for how or where you work – freelance, contract, permanent, etc.


If, after reading the relevant pages, you think that you would be right for these roles please send us a covering letter and CV and explain, please, how you would prefer to work and from what location.


Consultant Role (£60k-£70k)

Pye Tait is one of the UK’s best known and most effective niche business to business and skills research consultancies. Our success over the past twenty-nine years has been built on a solid corporate ethic of effective, insightful work.

They are self-starters and rain-makers, experienced in all the aspects of a service-orientated consultancy including but not limited to:

  • Client-facing research
  • Bid development
  • Pitching
  • Writing
  • Business development
  • Self-management
  • People/team management
  • (ideally) work in the skills, education and labour market arenas

Applications will only be considered from those who have proven competence in the above.

What makes a great consultant? A mix of brains, enthusiasm, experience, knowledge, persuasiveness, presence, resilience, and a strong sense of humour. You must be capable of delivering the whole nine yards in a fast-paced, demanding environment. A great consultant adds genuine value to a client’s brief, delivers high quality outcomes, and creates lasting impact and relationships.

Location is not the prime concern. We are looking for effectiveness and competence.

If you consider yourself to be the right kind of person please send us your CV and a covering letter setting out your target salary/package and the way you see yourself working for or with Pye Tait Consulting.

Background and further details of our work at


Research Manager Role (£35k-£55k)

Engrossing, challenging, diverse, satisfying – just a few of the words that describe the work of our Research Managers.

Location: If suitably experienced and competent, the successful person can be based almost anywhere but must have easy access to key centres of government and business. Travel is an essential part of the job and this sometimes also entails overnight stays.

Research Managers are not just project managers, they are not just researchers, and not merely analysts – that’s why the job is both challenging and immensely satisfying. They …

  • Design, implement and successfully complete research processes – end to end project delivery;
  • Are great at client-relations;
  • Support promotional efforts through client contact, social media and other avenues as appropriate;
  • Develop and deliver very effective presentations in pitches and to existing clients;
  • Design, write, and deliver powerful, winning tenders for work;
  • Design, write, and deliver memorable, insightful reports;
  • Manage small matrix-teams of researchers;
  • Achieve annual targets for business won;
  • Support development and execution of the research strategy;
  • Provide support and coaching to the research and support team.

 If you consider yourself to be the right kind of person please send us your CV and a covering letter setting out your target salary/package and the way you see yourself working for or with Pye Tait Consulting.

Background and further details of our work at

We are also recruiting to Senior and Junior Executive Roles:


Senior Research Executives (£30k-£35k)

Senior Research Executives have all the basic knowledge, experience and skills for the work but operate at a higher level than Research Executives.

They have relevant track records, quick, intelligent minds, excellent communication skills, a high level of presentation skills, accurate and effective writing skills, and good quantitative ability.

They will have experience in commercial research and are expected to be able to develop bids, present to clients and manage straightforward client projects


Research Executives (£22k-£30k)

In modern consultancy the work is fast-paced, demanding, and highly satisfying. It’s incredibly varied. Our Research Executives interview senior business people, draft sections of nationally-important reports, develop survey questionnaires, perform analyses, help run focus groups, help to develop bids, and much more.

We’re not looking for specific backgrounds for these entry-level roles, we’re seeking a mix of brains together with written and people skills. While your degree specialism is not important, having at least an excellent first-degree is a must and advanced degrees are desirable.

We are looking for multi-taskers, with excellent writing and good number skills. Training is on the job under the tutelage of experienced senior researchers. Established staff work towards Market Research Society qualifications.

Through mentoring and regular appraisals we work with you to develop new skills, enhance strengths, and resolve or mitigate weaknesses. Your consultancy career is not set in stone – you build it yourself.


Overview of all positions available



Home Based

Office Based




Research Executive

Local Only

Senior Research Executive

Local Only

Research Manager




If you are interested in working with us and feel you have the appropriate background and skills, please apply to stating which role you are applying for, with your CV, a covering letter and an indication of current salary or package.

Please be aware new research staff will be subjected to a DBS check following a short probationary period. If you already hold DBS certification, please state this in your application.

Pye Tait Consulting is an equal opportunities employer.