Home based telephone interviewers

Join Pye Tait’s Telephone Interviewer Team.

Work from home to provide valuable support for our high profile research.

We are looking for more great interviewers to join our home-based telephone interview team. It’s research – not sales or marketing – so if you are good with people, love learning about new sectors and different roles, and want to work from home, this is a tremendous opportunity.

The Work

As a 30 year-old specialist research company we work mainly on public-sector projects in the field of education, skills and employment. Our clients include some of the biggest names: UK government departments, industry bodies, and prestigious organisations like the Royal Society and the Gatsby Foundation.

You will be helping to answer vital policy questions and gather important statistical data. It’s fascinating and responsible work through which you learn about different sectors and industries, and about a wide range of job roles. Recently, for example, we’ve had teams speaking to groups as different as midwives and fishing boat skippers about their jobs.

The Person

If you like people, enjoy speaking with them, and have the skill to quickly acquire detailed information, it is an extremely satisfying type of work.

We’re looking for people who:

  • like talking to other people;
  • have the ability to put them at ease and to learn about their roles and their perceptions;
  • can deal with senior officials in large and small organisations;
  • have good written and spoken English;
  • have an excellent telephone manner; and
  • possess a great work ethic.

You’ll need to be:

  • self-motivated
  • responsible and mature (we’re talking attitude and approach, not age)
  • accurate and precise
  • able to work to realistic call targets
  • well organised.

Working arrangement

Our telephone team works on a self-employed basis, billing us for work agreed and completed (with thirty years’ experience we know what is realistic in such work).

In accordance with the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct we always carry out random call-back checks of the work of all of our telephone team members.

You’ll get a good feel for what we do, and for whom, from the website: www.pyetait.com

Please drop us some details about yourself, and why you think you’d fit right in, toinfo@pyetait.com