Computing in UK Schools

How are UK schools coping with the challenge of the computing curriculum? That’s the question The Royal Society set Pye Tait in 2016.

Our survey, case studies and extensive discussions reveal evidence from UK schools on the state of computing education today. This is an especially important topic in England given the mandatory introduction of computational thinking and coding to be taught to pupils from age 5.

Our report now forms part of The Royal Society’s After the Reboot – Computing Education in UK Schools.

Adrian Smith, Project Manager for Pye Tait Consulting, said: “We found that some schools are really embracing the increased focus on computer science and doing very well with the new approach. However, many others have found it very difficult to make that transition and have been holding on to a more traditional Information Technology offer.”

There are wide variations in levels of favourability to the new computing curriculum in England, as well as the amount of financial and non-financial investment in equipment, teaching resources and staff professional development. The Royal Society calls on Government and industry for a substantial increase in funding to expand and provide more professional development.

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