Low Carbon

Although the Government has recently abandoned the Green Deal and moved away from its 2016 Zero Carbon target, the long term commitment to carbon reduction remains absolute.

As a company we have been at the forefront of studies relating to the drive for carbon reduction since 2005. For example we have extensive experience exploring how sustainable development, renewable technologies and energy efficiency initiatives impact on business needs and opportunities.

One major focus of our activity has been design-led innovation in housing construction, exploring changes such as the use of high performance building materials, European-inspired systems such as Passivhaus, and climate change modelling as part of new eco-town developments.

The construction industry is arguably one of the most advanced in adapting to the low carbon agenda – not only within its companies but for its products – as witnessed by the number of zero-carbon homes and very low carbon commercial developments now being completed, and the rapid adoption of modern methods of construction and offsite manufacturing.

On behalf of clients such as CABE, CITB and New Economy we have reported on the knowledge and skills required for the transition to a low carbon economy. We’ve also looked at low carbon skills needs on a regional and national level – and developed a Competence Framework for low carbon activities. Most recently we investigated quality assurance in energy efficiency and low carbon schemes which impact directly on consumers, and have been working with construction employers and educationalists to scope out the potential for introducing content on energy efficiency into existing qualifications.