Market Research

Pye Tait Consulting has been carrying out research into a range of products and services since 1991. We have worked across a wide range of industry sectors: from aviation to the heritage sector; from nuclear to financial; from high-tech manufacturing to equine; and from aerospace to the creative industries.

Our market research service adds value for our clients by providing accurate, relevant intelligence that enables identification and assessment of such things as how products and services are regarded by customers, how much they might be prepared to pay for them, and what the future holds for those products and services.

In an increasingly competitive environment our full range of research techniques can be deployed to add impetus to your business:

  • to test the viability of new products and services in the market
  • to assess the feasibility of introducing existing products and services to previously untapped markets
  • to review pricing and packaging (in its widest sense)
  • to review product and service delivery strategies
  • to carry out competitor analysis
  • to evaluate your existing market
  • to identify gaps in business models
  • to undertake mystery shopping for both products and services
  • to develop and deliver environmental scanning strategies – to keep you fully informed of changes in the market and their likely impacts