Mystery Shopping

Often associated only with retail businesses, mystery shopping is actually a valuable tool in the marketing and business planning armoury of any business.

The answer to the question – what is it like to be a customer of your business – is absolutely vital if you are to gain an objective view of your current service offering which will enable you to really understand how the buying decision is taken.

It is the fashion to speak of the “customer journey” and – like much jargon – this actually describes quite well what mystery shopping is all about. A great many things influence whether someone becomes one of your customers – and whether they stay loyal – and not all of them can be anticipated from inside the business.

Mystery shopping allows you to obtain and make use of detailed feedback to improve that customer journey in more than merely the product or service itself.

We can scope, design and undertake mystery shopping for any product or service. The results are extremely valuable as well as, sometimes, positively eye-opening.