Quantitative Analysis

Alongside our qualitative work, Pye Tait Consulting has a solid track record of detailed Quantitative Analysis and Data Mining for a variety of private and public sector clients.

In recent months we have conducted an analysis of product sales and returns data for a private client and a major labour market analysis for the Green Space sector. We are currently beginning a very detailed three-year evaluation of quantitative project results for an ESF-funded assessment. This involves the time-series-based analysis of thousands of detailed records across multiple SPSS databases.

We developed the well-received “Skills Scoring” system for quantitative measurement of skills needs and future requirements that has now been deployed on many studies including those for the NWDA, LSC Lancashire, and the Green Space sector. Pye Tait’s Skills Scoring technique uses detailed segmentation of skills and targeted employer scoring to identify critical skills areas. Its key advantage lies in providing clients with the ability to understand very clearly not only what precise skills are required but to quantify and prioritise those needs.

We also run regular “Introductory Statistics” courses for non-statisticians. These are designed to help staff of private and public organisations who are not trained statisticians to understand the main concepts and issues where the gathering and use of statistics are concerned.