Recruitment Services

We offer a professional service to recruit senior level executives across all industry sectors. Our recruitment team has a proven track record of successfully headhunting at FTSE100 and FTSE 250 Board level.

Our expertise minimises risk and therefore provides peace of mind to our clients, as the costs incurred in removing an unacceptable recruit, as well as re-recruiting and training a replacement can be substantial.

We design bespoke headhunting strategies encompassing identification of target organisations, approaching and shortlisting candidates and assessment – including competence-based interviewing and psychometric testing.

Our flexible approach means that we are able to offer a range of recruitment solutions to meet individual client needs. Standalone research is an ideal solution for clients who do not want to outsource the whole of the recruitment process, but need expert assistance in generating candidates and/or market intelligence. This might be as straightforward as identifying the key targets within a selected industry, but could also include approaching candidates to ascertain interest.

We can also provide support in developing job descriptions, designing advertisements and standalone assessment to provide an independent perspective for clients that would prefer to manage the recruitment process for themselves. This can include psychometric testing, 360° referencing and competency-based interviewing. Our experienced team will tailor questions specifically to a competence model and probe for detailed examples and evidence of achievement.

Assessment methodologies

It is vital to have a balanced team of matched and mutually supportive talents that can work cohesively and effectively. We offer a range of assessment methodologies for both individuals and whole teams: psychometric testing, competence-based interviewing and 360° referencing. Although frequently used only for the purpose of recruitment, these assessment tools can add significant value to internal processes, such as: succession planning, restructuring, the appraisal process, talent management and staff development.

These assessment methodologies have a proven track record of success, and are widely used by a range of private and public sector organisations.

Our bespoke assessment reports provide a detailed perspective on an individual or team’s capability. Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients rather than a ‘one size fits all’ methodology, thereby giving security and reassurance that an individual is the right fit or conversely brings to light potential issues. Employees can be reassured that our transparent and rigorous approach will ensure an independent, consistent and objective assessment process.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is increasingly necessary in today’s business world.

Psychometric assessment tools range from motivational and personality questionnaires and ability tests, to more specialist tools that can identify the likely behaviours of individuals during stressful situations, and ways of addressing this. We assess applicants or existing members of staff to provide a detailed report on their strengths and weaknesses and likely cultural fit within an organisation or new role.

We can assess potential for leadership, individuals’ fit against current or future job roles, behaviours and development needs. This takes some of the guesswork out of placing people into the right jobs and using them in the most effective way. The business benefits by having people who are working to their strengths and the individuals benefit by being able to get much more job satisfaction.

All of our reports are bespoke – we present an evaluation of an individual and/or team in a report tailored to our clients’ requirements.

360° Referencing

Our approach to 360° referencing provides an objective, detailed and comprehensive analysis of an individual or team’s capability. A summary of strengths, development needs and other areas for further consideration, in addition to full reference data where applicable, is delivered in the form of a structured report.

We take references on an individual or team from a range of nominated sources – spanning bosses, peers and subordinates. We tailor our questions to probe the capability of an individual or team in line with the client’s objectives and/or specific concerns, as well as job description and organisational competence model.

The methodology we use is far more effective than the basic 360° appraisal system – as this is usually an IT automated process, and rarely generates the rich data yielded by our multi-faceted approach.

Our reports provide access to in-depth unique information – revealing a real picture of the individual or team, not merely tick box answers to standard questions, and can be used as a foundation for training and development. A constructive development plan highlights the investment an organisation is willing to make in its people and provides an analysis of training needs.