Full Time Roles

We are actively seeking new staff during the spring of 2017.

If you are interested in working for an established, fast-paced research consultancy, with an excellent reputation amongst its clients, do read the details below and send your details to careers@pyetait.com.

The Company

Twenty-five years young, well-respected for high quality work, with an experienced and highly capable team, Pye Tait Consulting has a long-established policy of recruiting only the best.

Our clients come from the very top drawer and we work hard to keep their trust and respect. Many of our reports are passed directly to Government Ministers and top decision-makers, many are published, and some set the agenda for whole economic sectors for years to come (see some of our most recent reports here).

Clients include top Government Departments like BEIS and DfE, the Scottish and Welsh Governments, high profile agencies like the Education and Training Foundation, the UK Commission for Employment & Skills, the Royal Society, and a host of blue-chip companies and organisations across almost every UK economic sector.

Our close-knit, supportive team takes immense pride in the work we do.

Research Executive and Senior Research Executive positions

The Work

On any given day you could be researching national issues online and on the phone; the next you could be in London, Edinburgh or Cardiff or any of the UK’s cities to attend a project meeting alongside Board level attendees. With appropriate experience and mentoring you will soon be attending pitches, designing studies for proposals, drafting questionnaires and reports, leading focus groups and workshops, and much more.

Consultancy is a very wide ranging and demanding career and you’ll be mentored by senior staff through each stage from an initial period of familiarisation with research, writing, and proposal development, through interviewing and focus group leadership, client facing work in meetings and workshops, and the vital art of presentations and pitches. The work requires occasional travel.

We take the development of our staff very seriously and, during regular reviews, we’ll discuss further development activities and targets.

The bottom line is that, if you have the ability and character for consultancy, Pye Tait Consulting offers the sort of work which will expose you to almost every sector in the UK economy and every type of consultancy. There are very few other careers which can offer such variety of important work and not too many other employers who can offer such a complete range of consultancy experience.


For Research Executives we usually expect them to achieve promotion within eighteen months to two years to Senior Research Executive. Some take less time, some take slightly more.

Senior Research Executives hone their consultancy skills through deeper involvement with projects and studies and with a greater degree of client contact.

From there on it’s up to you – the next step is Research Manager and above that it’s Associate Director.

Starting Salary

For Research Executives normally around £20k to £25k, for Senior REs between around £25k and £30k but it’s subject to experience and could be higher for the right people. We also give occasional discretionary bonuses.

The People We Want

Openings are limited in this very desirable career company. Primarily we look for a mix of brains and people skills – degree specialisms are not really important. The people who are right for the world of consultancy are truly multi-talented – our current team, for example, displays a wide range of backgrounds and academic discipline.

So, we are looking for keen intelligence but with the ability to think laterally and outside the box. We are looking for hard-workers but with the ability to manage work sensibly. Our people have to be true multi-taskers, with excellent writing and good number skills. We’ll train you to become great presenters, but you fundamentally need to be a genuine people person.

In modern consultancy the work is fast-paced and, apart from skills and knowledge, it requires a quick and agile mind.

But the bottom line is that your consultancy career path is not set in stone – you make it yourself.

Associate Director and Research Manager positions

The Work

Our Associate Director role is second only to full Board Directors. They win work, manage teams and help shape the company’s strategic direction. Their consultancy skills are second to none and their intellect and powers of persuasion and argument truly top class. We have no preconceptions as to geographical location for these posts.

Research Managers are senior consultants who win and manage studies and projects. They are skilled in almost all of the requirements of great consultants – developing proposals and pitching for work, managing and undertaking research and analysis, preparing and writing memorable reports, engaging and developing relationships with clients, managing small work-focused teams, and so on.


Associate Directors are in line for full Board positions.

Successful Research Managers once fully experienced are in line for promotion to Associate Director – an even more client-facing and strategic role.

Starting Salary

For Associate Directors it depends very much on background and skills. OTE salaries would range from £45k to £75k.

Research Managers earn between £35k and £45k but subject to experience and could be higher for the right people. We give occasional discretionary bonuses for meeting targets.

The People We Want

As a key public face of the business, an Associate Director will be a fully-formed consultant with all the relevant qualifications and skills plus enthusiasm and the ambition to build something special around themselves.

For Research Managers we are looking for lots of relevant experience and well-proven ability. Commercial research experience is particularly important but it’s not a deal breaker. Personality, intelligence and a great work ethic are vital, as indeed is the ability to fit in with, and leverage our existing team.

Next Step?

Send us your CV and a covering letter to careers@pyetait.com setting out what you’d bring to our work and what your current remuneration package is.