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Pye Tait Consulting – one of the nation’s most experienced specialist research agencies – is seeking applicants for the following posts.

If you feel you are right for these posts, drop us a covering letter explaining why and attach a full CV, to

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Full time positions

Associate Directors (salary £50k plus)

We’re looking to boost our senior staff with one or two, top-notch Associate Directors.

These posts are second only to full Board Director level, so we’re naturally seeking highly experienced and capable leaders and doers.

Associate Directors should be people who can make it happen.

Ideally you should have plenty of research-leadership and consultancy experience but it’s more important that you are a quick thinker, a fast learner, an incredible presenter, a powerful and accurate writer, and that you live by successful business development and meticulous customer service.

We work for true blue chip clients – from the Royal Society to Government Departments – and our staff have to match those standards.

Pye Tait Consulting has been in business for over 27 years and these posts will build on that foundation for the next twenty-seven.

These posts can be based pretty much anywhere in the UK but successful applicants would be expected to spend a few weeks based in Harrogate on appointment.
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Research Manager: (£35k-£48k)

Research Managers are senior consultants who win and manage studies and projects. They are skilled in almost all of the requirements of great consultants – developing proposals and pitching for work, managing and undertaking research and analysis, preparing and writing memorable reports, engaging and developing relationships with clients, managing small work-focused teams, and so on.

We look for lots of relevant experience and well-proven ability. Commercial research experience is particularly important but it’s not a deal breaker. Personality, intelligence and a great work ethic are vital, as indeed is the ability to fit in with, and leverage, our existing team.

These posts can be based pretty much anywhere in the UK but successful applicants would be expected to spend a few weeks based in Harrogate on appointment.


Excellent Research Managers who have a proven track record with the company can be offered positions as either Senior Research Managers or Associate Directors.
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Research Executive: (£20k-£30k)

Openings are limited in this very desirable career company. In modern consultancy the work is fast-paced and, apart from skills and knowledge, it requires a quick and agile mind and great persuasive skills.

We do not look for specific backgrounds for these entry-level roles. Primarily we look for a mix of brains and people skills – degree specialisms are not really important but having at least an excellent degree is a must. The people who are right for the world of consultancy are truly multi-talented.

We are looking, therefore, for keen intelligence but with the ability to think laterally and outside the box. We are looking for hard-workers but with the ability to manage work sensibly. Our people have to be true multi-taskers, with excellent writing and good number skills. Over time we’ll train you to become great presenters.

There is no prescribed career ladder or timescale and we work to strengths and to mitigate weaknesses. Your consultancy career is not set in stone – you build it yourself.

These posts are based in Harrogate.

If you have the core of determined, inner-strength to match your academic and early career experience, we’d like to hear from you.


We usually expect Research Executives to achieve promotion within two years to Senior Research Executive. Some take less time, some take slightly more. Senior Research Executives hone their consultancy skills through deeper involvement with projects and studies and with a greater degree of client contact. From there on it’s up to you – the next step is Research Manager and above that it’s Associate Director.
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Freelance positions

Tender Writers (Home based, basic fee per tender plus commission on tenders won) – flexible working

Are you a logical thinker, meticulous organiser and a good writer?

We’re seeking a couple more tender writers to join our freelance team developing high quality tenders in subjects such as education, skills, apprenticeships, and so on. The work is regular and involves being briefed by our senior staff before developing a tender for specific pieces of work, to agreed deadlines.

Arrangements will be agreed based on personal circumstances but this role will suit experienced and capable writers based at home and with their own computer.

Basic fee per tender plus commission on tenders won. Full briefings for all work and close ties to our research team.
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Social Media Executive (Home based, agreed fees for social media work) – flexible working

This post will be best suited to a social media expert working from home on a part-time or freelance basis. We are looking for a person with experience of running social media campaigns and analysis mainly on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.
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The Company

Twenty-seven years young, well-respected for high quality work, with an experienced and highly capable team, Pye Tait Consulting has a long-established policy of recruiting only the best.

Our clients come from the very top drawer and we work hard to keep their trust and respect. Some of our reports are passed directly to Government Ministers and top decision-makers, many are published, and most set the agenda for whole economic sectors for years to come (see our website for examples).

Clients include top Government Departments like DCMS and DfE, the Scottish and Welsh Governments, high profile agencies like the Education and Training Foundation, the Royal Society, and a host of blue-chip companies and organisations across almost every UK economic sector.

Our close-knit, supportive team takes immense pride in the work we do.
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The Work

Our work is extremely varied and much of it of national importance.

Our seniors lead studies but everyone has a vital role to play in their successful completion. We work across the UK, and sometimes further afield, attending project meetings, delivering pitches, designing studies for proposals, leading focus groups and workshops, drafting questionnaires, carrying out high quality surveys, crafting the very best reports, and much more.

And our specialist skills in education, skills and business are deployed in virtually every sector of the UK economy from aerospace to health, from the education sector itself to construction, and from engineering to food.
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