Telephone Team Roles

Join Pye Tait’s telephone survey team.

Work from home or office to provide valuable support for our high profile research.

We are seeking to expand our telephone survey team and invite interested individuals to send in applications.

The Work

We work on many different types of projects – among much else looking at how businesses feel about certain initiatives, how they train or develop their staff, how students and learners perceive qualifications, etc.

Our telephone and online surveys answer vital policy questions for central and local governments, and for agencies and organisations.

The tele-survey team lies at the heart of these approaches, using carefully structured samples to contact and engage with people. Responses are accurately recorded on our web-based software ready for detailed analysis.

It’s fascinating, responsible work through which you can end up learning about different sectors and industries, and about a wide range of job roles and perceptions.

The Person

If you like people, enjoy speaking with them, and have the skill to quickly acquire detailed information, it is an extremely satisfying type of work.

We’re looking for people to join the team with:

  • an excellent telephone manner (dealing with senior officials in large and small organisations)
  • a top rate command of written and spoken English
  • a very good work ethic

who are:

  • self-motivated
  • accurate and precise
  • able to work to realistic call targets
  • well organised.


You can work flexibly from your home or from our offices in Harrogate if you so wish.

Working arrangement

Because the work is flexible and not fixed, and because most people who do this type of work, work for more than one organisation, we have found that it is more convenient (for both parties) for our telephone team members to work on a self-employed basis.

We have over 20 years’ experience of what is realistic in such work in terms of the numbers of calls which might need to be made to achieve a given number of completions for a given type of survey or interviews, so we agree a target for completions with an individual based on their availability and a realistic total fee for those completions.

Please note: in accordance with the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct we always carry out random back-checks of the work of all of our telephone team members.

Pye Tait Consulting

Established in 1991, Pye Tait Consulting is a well-respected research consultancy specialising in education, skills and qualifications. Our clients include Government departments and agencies across the UK for whom we have now successfully completed well over 700 separate projects.

You’ll get a good feel for what we do, and for whom, from the website:

Please send your application and CV to: