Research Roles

Research Roles

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Unlike many agencies, Pye Tait offers the full route to senior consultancy and beyond. Our staff are not siloed into qual or quant. Although all have their specialisms, we work as a team to deliver research studies that exceed clients’ expectations.

It’s an exciting and highly satisfying environment in which, even at relatively junior levels, our staff get to experience the satisfaction that comes from great client service, integrated primary and secondary research, and delivering the best reports and the most useful data. With mentoring by some of the most experienced staff in the nation, new researchers develop quickly and competently. Senior staff get to help grow the company and deliver high-profile research studies.

This year Pye Tait celebrates thirty years of highly successful research for some of the biggest and best names: Government departments, devolved governments and their departments, high profile agencies, research councils, blue-chip charitable research bodies, and more.

Our reputation is founded on painstaking research to exacting standards, excellent analysis, high-quality writing, innovative and informative graphics, and exceptional ideas.

As we enter our thirty-first year, we are looking for new staff at all levels: Research Executive, Senior Research Executive, Research Manager, and Consultant.

What is Pye Tait Consulting like to work at?

We think it’s great, but we would say that, wouldn’t we!

Now that everyone is working from home it has changed a bit. We can no longer have our monthly evening at the local and everyone misses the chat and banter in the office. But hopefully, we will return to the former as soon as possible and we are working hard to build in some social time (online) for everyone while lock-downs persist.

These are hard times but they haven’t damped our humour or our focus on doing great work. In fact we see the work we are doing as directly or indirectly helping our clients and their sectors emerge from the pandemic in the best possible shape.

Our people are a great bunch and the work they do contributes to individual companies growing and prospering and to government departments and agencies making the best possible policy decisions, based on the best possible data. That’s why the work is so satisfying. Even the smallest item of accurate and informative statistical data or the most elementary of policy ideas can change the world for the better.


The company offers a range of benefits including:

• Competitive salaries
• Discretionary performance-related annual bonuses
• BUPA health plan after a qualifying period (optional)
• Additional paid leave with each promotion
• Company contributions to pension
• IT equipment provided along with remote IT support.

If, after reading the job roles outlined below, you think you would be a good fit for one of these positions, please see the Applications section for what to do next. Closing date: 5th March 2021.

Roles Available

Research Executive

Senior Research Executive

Research Manager

Consultant Role