There have been shops almost as long as there has been civilisation. They can be found on the streets of ancient Pompeii and in the ancient Bazaars of the great eastern empires.

Like all sectors, however, the pace of change has increased rapidly in the past few decades.

Retail is now becoming a highly technical sector requiring all levels of staff (including shop-floor) to possess high levels of product knowledge and technical expertise – for example in EPOS systems, mixed online-bricks and mortar sales approaches, wifi-based in-store systems, omni-channel implementation, and so on. We have the ability to help with a wide variety of topics including staff skills-gap analysis, staff satisfaction (vital for employee engagement and retention), customer satisfaction and other customer data needs, marketing approaches and much more.

We’ve worked with the retail sector for over twenty years on a wide range of research and developmental projects, most recently with developing detailed approaches to omni-channel marketing and further developing standards for qualifications.