Satisfaction Surveying

Our surveys are specifically designed to meet the precise needs of our clients based on almost twenty years of experience. The process begins by identifying and gaining a clear understanding of the objectives and scope of the survey – whether it be a restricted staff survey designed to elicit views on such things as organisational change, or a national client/customer survey seeking feedback on products or services.

We have the capability to design, organise and complete postal surveys of up to 30,000 mailings, extensive and detailed telephone surveys of up to 7,500 completions, and on-line survey and polling systems (where appropriate, fully secured and monitored).

Our dedicated Pye Tait SurveyZone™ allows for surveys to be password protected, thereby shielding any sensitive materials included in the survey or in the responses. We use innovative means of maximising response rates including incentives where appropriate.

All survey work is governed and guided by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and by the ISO Standard 20252.