Skills Support for the Workforce Programme Evaluation


Calderdale College is currently managing a series of Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) programmes across 7 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) regions. The programme will be in operation until 2018. Calderdale College requires a multi-faceted evaluation of the programme and has appointed Pye Tait Consulting to independently carry out this research.

The research will be conducted in three phases:

  1. A formative evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of each of the seven contracts to date, identifying lessons learned;
  2. A summative evaluation of each of the seven contracts, demonstrating added value for each; and
  3. A cross-cutting programme management overarching evaluation report of the effectiveness of the approach.

The overall purpose of the SSW Programme evaluation, both formative and summative, is to develop Calderdale College’s understanding of the programme impact on business, the effectiveness of the service, the value for money it offers and the legacy it leaves.

The overall purpose of the Programme Management evaluation is to consider the way in which Calderdale College executed its strategy for managing all LEP contracts.

Information sharing

The portal below allows information to be shared securely with Pye Tait Consulting for the purpose of the evaluation. Information will be stored securely on Pye Tait Consulting’s server, used only for the purpose of this research, and will be deleted after work completes (scheduled for November 2018).

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