The Mesh

There are people who will tell you that it is not possible to see into the future. They are wrong.

Governments and large corporations spend tens of millions every year doing just that – and with significant success. There are highly computerised global systems in place that spend every waking second gathering data for predictions.

It may not be possible to know what is around the corner for an individual, but it is most definitely possible to get a good grasp of the future for industrial and commercial sectors and markets.

Why bother? For the simple reason that it gives you a critical edge over your competitors and directions to go for the years ahead.

Not just the next couple of years but the next five to ten years. How are things going to change? What are going to be the coming things? What issues will need to be solved?

The Mesh is a proprietary, integrated, multi-level program designed by Pye Tait Consulting to help companies, public organisations, and professional bodies gain that vital edge. It’s bespoke and completely confidential to each client. The foresight you gain is yours alone. Nothing is published, we do not even mention you as a client.

If The Mesh is Sherlock Holmes, Delphi groups are Inspector Clouseau. They use suspect techniques, giving small chances of success, and outcomes generally not worth the expense.

The secret of The Mesh lies in the way data are gathered, the avoidance of “expert bias”, and 360o analysis.

We can’t say any more here but if you are interested in knowing what the future holds for your company, organisation or sector, get in touch.